Finland 2015


Our trip to Finland was magical. Probably one of the most awe inspiring places I’ve been to. Not only was the scenery beautiful but so was the company. Visiting my old friend and her growing family warmed my heart. She always makes me feel good about myself and inspires me to be a better,  happier, more content person.

We spent six months planning the trip and the palling entertained me and got me through some dark times. Now as we are returning back to reality, I decided to try to make one of the treats we had while we were there.

I found a blog with a great recipe. I’ll have to work on my technique, because hers are absolutely beautiful and mine are a little “rustic”.

For some reason this video got a. lot of views on you tube. I must have a similar name to someone else.

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  1. I want to come over next week and see pictures and here all about it IN person 🙂

    1. oneredcouch Author says:

      Yes! Let’s do it! (I didn’t know anyone knew about my little blog 🙂

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