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I’ve been feeling like our lives are so busy that I’m afraid I’m not savoring my boys as much as I should. Very soon they won’t want “uppies” and they won’t beg to come in my bed to snuggle. 

I have a friend who says that she likes to Instagram photos of her kids so that it helps keep the memories of their smallness and childhood. I keep meaning to do “something” with the hundred of photos I have on my phone of them. In the days of “real” cameras we used to take fewer pictures and print everything. At least then we had boxes photos to sort through. Now we just upload them to our computers and they stay hidden until we decide what to do with them. Not that I write that, I guess it’s not that different , but I have so many to sort through now the task seems daunting. Lord know I have a ton more I “should” be doing than messing with preserving memories. Or do I?

Boys at their desk







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